Incredible Island Mist Trex® Decking Installed In Dromana, VIC

Down Mornington Peninsula in the town of Dromana, Rien and Caroline Crooymans enjoy their new beautiful Trex® Deck surrounding their ocean front home. “Caroline and myself didn’t want a big ostentatious house, we wanted something that was nice, appealing, and looked nice in the front – we wanted a big open space living area,” explained Rien. “It was very important to us to have a lovely outdoor living area and wanted to enhance the property with outdoor living decks. We have the deck in the front and wrapped around to the back and even used the deck as a staircase, and a view to die for in the front with a view of the ocean,” he continued. “We had a difficult decision to make in relation to the material for the decking because of the harsh Australian elements and the climate here, but we needed a material with very little maintenance and top quality appearance. With past experience of decking generally using timber, it was impossible to keep up with the maintenance.”

“Caroline by chance met a friend who had the Trex® composite decking down and they could not speak highly enough of the material and how good it was. When we visited the Trex® display room we loved the fact that the material is maintenance free, the 25 year warranty, absolutely no nails or screws that would become a burden and we just feel in love with the colours available. The Island Mist colours suits our home to a T, it blends in beautifully – just fantastic.”

“The installation of the Trex® decking we found was absolutely brilliant. The boards were long and straight and very easy to install with the clips. With the help of Rod and Nathan laying the boards, it just went in one after another. Very quick, very easy, and very professional,” concluded Rien.

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